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Iron Horse Exteriors carries Conklin® high-performance roof coatings as one solution to repair and restore your old, aging commercial roof. Roof coatings are an excellent alternative to roof replacement – they allow you to upgrade your roof’s performance without the time and expense of tearing off and rebuilding your roof.

Roof coatings from Conklin Roofing Systems offer many advantages:


  • Proven track record – Conklin roof coatings have been in use since 1977, and the company continues to innovate and formulate new products. Satisfied customers include Ford, Holiday Inn, Burger King, Ashley Furniture, and others.

  • Groundbreaking products – Conklin manufactured the first liquid elastomeric roof coating ever, their Rapid Roof coating.

  • Widespread use – Conklin products have been applied to more than 2 billion square feet of roofs across the U.S.

  • Long lasting – Conklin products have been known to last decades.

  • Durable – Strong and waterproof, reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays

  • ENERGY STAR rated

  • Efficient – Utility savings of 30%

  • Guaranteed – Up to 18-year, full-coverage non-prorated warranties







Malarkey Roofing Products® offers a family of shingle products designed with a goal of sustainability in focus through each step of the product’s life cycle. From a shingle’s manufacture to the end of its service life, Malarkey shingles are created for superior performance, reliability, and limited impact on the environment; high performance, conventional and sustainable roofing systems designed for low slope and steep slope commercial applications. 

Malarkey's residential products offer high-performance, sustainable roofing shingles engineered with rubberized asphalt technology, upcycled tires, and pollutions-reducing granules. 

We work with Bridger Steel to provide the option of metal roofing panels and metal roof systems. Choosing the right colors, paint systems, fasteners, gauges, and panels depends on your metal roofing needs. Metal roofing and steel roofs are becoming more and more sought after due to their lifespan, durability, and the unmatched aesthetic they provide.