5 Benefits of Cool Roofs

What is cool roofing? In basic terms, it is a light-colored commercial roofing system that allows the heat of the sun and its damaging rays to be reflected. This includes damage from absorbed solar heat which will lower the temperature of not only the roof but that of the building; preventing sunlight degradation.

There is an impressive 50% reduced cooling demand in buildings that have the installation of a cool roofing system, allowing for improved air quality, lower building maintenance costs, and a reduction of landfill waste and power plant emissions.

Traditional roofs are damaged by the effects of the sun’s intense heat and UV rays. As a result, there may be decay, blistering, and splitting that will allow the entrance of rain and moisture. Cool roofs can prevent damage caused by the elements, improve overall air quality, and provide longevity of your commercial, agricultural, or residential roof.

The technology of a cool roofing system applied by Iron Horse Exteriors professionals can guarantee reduced operating and capital costs and a building that will endure weather, leaks, and damage caused by the sun and other extreme elements.

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