Decks & Patios: What's Your Style?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Outdoor Living Spaces

Expand your options

Decks and patios, what is your style? Imagine the possibilities when considering the addition of new outdoor living spaces or the renovation of an existing deck or patio.

Decks with multiple levels are trending now, lending flexibility for specific purposes. For example, imagine an upper-level grill area, an additional level for seating, and another to accommodate a fireplace or fire pit.

Another practical idea to capitalize on space is to consider a raised deck attached to a second floor. This idea offers an extension of your existing interior kitchen or living room for ease of entertaining. Imagine, too, adding a screened porch or open-air patio beneath the uppermost deck.

Choosing Your Style

Design your own deck and patio

If you desire consistency, you may choose to match the architectural style of your house to the updated outdoor space. For example, a dark-colored deck with a white balustrade railing and a dark rail cap would complement a traditional-style home. On the other hand, a deck stained in one consistent color with clean lines and sharp angles might suit a modern home.

If you desire some sort of change yet not the sizable investment of a complete remodel, consider upgrading your hand railing.

The design choice is yours. Keep it neutrally simple, or add pops of vibrant colors with outdoor pillows, umbrellas, and foliage. The structure and style of your deck are a personal choice and one you should take pride in!

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