Four Reasons to Replace Your Siding

Curb appeal begins with siding

To repair or replace; that is the question

Curb appeal is kind of a big deal. So how does your home’s exterior measure up?

Should you replace your siding? One of the most eye-catching elements of curb appeal is siding. Uncommon, alluring, or decidedly stylish siding draws the eye of the passerby, often prompting them to slow down in admiration!

The hard fact is, there is an opposite to the appealing features we mention above. For example, is your house in need of some overdue repair due to siding issues?

Four common problems with home siding are:

Loose, gapping, or sagging siding

Siding that is falling apart or coming off of your house is a cosmetic issue and one of functionality. Your home may appear aged, and chasms or spacing in siding can allow moisture in.

Dirt stained siding

Siding tends to attract dirt, particularly in homes located along well-traveled roads. As a result, dirt and grime stand out on light shades of color siding, as well as darker colored siding too. Fortunately, whipping dirty vinyl siding into shape is simple, even if it’s not easy.

Melted or wavy vinyl siding

There’s no way to straighten out siding panels that have started to warp, but ignoring this occurrence can create a possibility of a more significant issue. Siding that is severely waved or melted leaves the exterior structure of your home unprotected and susceptible; rot, mold, and unwanted insects may be the result.

Faded vinyl siding

If you want the age of your house to be obvious, you can achieve that by leaving the exterior in a bleak or faded state. While no siding looks good when faded, lighter shades are the most extreme when their color has been washed out. So show your home some love with an update!

You don't have to do it yourself

If DIY repairs are your thing, most of these issues can be solved by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. If your value your free time, especially in the short-term summers of Montana, you may consider a siding repair by a hired specialist.

The fact remains, there is often no escape from a complete upgrade by a professional. So, to renew your pride in your home, consider residing by Iron Horse Exteriors. We have the time and expertise to boost your curb appeal!

If you have budgetary concerns, we can instruct you about ways to get the most out of your current exterior. If you are prepared to make a long-term investment in your home, we are armed with an unlimited amount of ideas!

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