Front Yard Love

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Embrace Extended Living Space

Do you long for more outdoor space to entertain? Relax? Work? There's a new trend in town; it is right out in your front yard!

With the onset of the 2020 pandemic, Americans have become innovative about their home spaces to accommodate new full-time schedules with our families and friends, as well as remote office time. People around the nation are giving their front yards a second glance, realizing the potential to extend living spaces.

Often referred to as "curb appeal," the front yard is transitioning into a space of functionality as well as the first impression of your home. Think of the possibilities as you maximize your available home footprint for day-to-day living!

More than just the addition of an informal seating area such as a bistro table and chairs, consider the addition of deck space, pergola, or privacy wall. While drive-by greetings and socially distanced parties are slowly dissipating, the need to stay socially connected is not. Creativity is vital when it comes to expanding the functional living space of your own front yard. Give us a call; our team of professionals would love to help!

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