Should You Re-Roof or Coat? That is the Question.

The investment in roof coatings has many benefits from extending the life of your existing roof to reducing energy costs. Perhaps one of the most beneficial perks is that the application of a roof coating does not require you to replace your existing roof; a roofing contractor simply has to brush or spray the coating to your old roof.

Commercial and agricultural property owners revel in the fact that roof coatings are a far more economical choice to protect the integrity of your roof than a full structural replacement. For a cost of approximately $3.00 per square foot (labor and materials included) for metal roofs vs. reroof costs starting at $5.00 per square foot; labor and materials. For single-ply and membrane roofs, coating cost starts at $3.60 per square foot labor and materials included vs. reroofing costs starting at $6.00 per square foot materials included. As you can see, the option of coating is aggressively cheaper than an entire roof restoration. An added benefit is that your building isn't exposed to the weather when doing coatings.

The sustainability of roof coatings is also environmentally friendly. There is no need to tear off and discard the old roofing materials. Clearly, if your business promotes “green” living, this is a more feasible option.

Simply put, roof coatings by Conkin, applied by Iron Horse Exteriors, offer a supreme preventative measure for your commercial or agricultural buildings. Extend the life of your roof while also reducing maintenance costs!

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