Think You Don't Need a New Commercial Roof?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Don't overthink it

The integrity of your commercial or agricultural building is crucial. Restorations and upgrades, such as an improved roof, may assist in the regulation of your structure. As a direct result, your ventilation and sanitation efforts during these health-awareness times can be optimized.

So, why consider an upgrade to your facility? There are ample reasons for this worthwhile investment in your infrastructure. By recognizing this, you will ensure the comfort and safety of your customers and employees.

Iron Horse Exteriors has five key factors to consider as you weigh the options of replacing or renovating your commercial roof. If you relate to any of these ideas, give us a call to get on our summer schedule.

Your Roof Has Sustained Damage From Extreme Weather

The roof of your commercial building will naturally deteriorate over time. When more significant severe weather ruins your roof unexpectedly, it becomes an urgent hardship.

There are rare instances when powerful winds have knocked a power line or tree into your structure. Therefore, you may consider a complete roof replacement after a severe weather incident.

Most likely, an essential restoration will fail to ensure the architectural longevity of your building; how can you be prepared for the next big weather event?

A Leaky Roof Leads to Instability

It turns out we can't blame Mother Nature for all roof replacements. However, you cannot afford to ignore a simple leak or two. What appears to be a small leak may be the indicator of a more significant unseen issue. Internal water damage could be causing cracks in your walls, ceilings, and even the foundation.

Epic Curb Appeal

Does your building need a little refresh? The investment in a new commercial roof is a great start!

Allow yourself to realize that aesthetic design is a perfectly credible reason for investing in a new commercial roof. What is the perception of your business as a potential customer or client approaches? Is the roof discolored? Weathered and aged?

Do some research to learn about roofing materials, colors, and options to find a style that compliments your business, also offering you an estimated cost idea so you can start to put away the funds needed for your project.

Boost the Property's Overall Value

If you are about to embark on the sale of your commercial or agricultural property, you will need to consider ways to boost the property value.

The value of a new roof is one of the best selling points during a real estate transaction negotiation. A new roof will keep the property well-equipped for the long haul. New roofing also reduces the need for maintenance and provides superior insulation, thus yielding more savings in terms of service costs and energy usage.

These are all key selling points in your favor as investors consider their purchase.

Regulate Your Building's Temperature Better

The bottom line is always the top priority as a business owner. All of your decisions make an impact on profit; your roof is no exception.

A roof replacement for your commercial building will augment its long-term energy efficiency. In addition, when your structure is properly insulated, the exterior temperature/weather is less likely to affect the atmosphere you're experiencing indoors.

As a result, your heating and air conditioning systems wouldn't need to work on overdrive. In time, this will save your business money on monthly utility bills.

Your Business Roof Deserves the Right Contractor

Have you realized that a new commercial roof is just the thing your company needs to upgrade its brand? You may have even thought about the health and safety benefits of an insulated, protected indoor environment.

Iron Horse Exteriors encourages you to take the time to learn more about our commercial roofing services to see if we are the right fit for you. Then, your employees, customers, and your peace of mind will be thankful to do business under a stable roof!

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